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Lt. Lexa Griffin

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Friday, August 14th 2015, 1:49pm


Edit vom 21.04.2016. : alle Filefront Links entfernt, Großteil der Maps bei Google Drive hochgeladen.

Der Großteil der regelmäßig genutzten, nicht mehr verfügbaren Maps ist ab jetzt hier (Google Drive) in einer Ordnerübersicht zu finden.


=/\= Mapsliste =/\= Mapname - Callvote Name - Download

Städte/Kolonien; Planeten

Futile Resistance - FUTILERES - Google Drive
Deathroom Bathroom - reqbath - Google Drive
Nu Clear Lunch Time - reqkitchen - Filefront
Cave Base - cave base (stage_1, stage_2, stage_3) - Google Drive
Ancient Stargate - ancient_stargate - Google Drive
Bloodflowers - sq3_bloodflowers Google Drive
Jungle - jungle Google Drive
Ctf Merry Christmas - ctf_merry_christmas - Google Drive
Rest in Peace - rest_in_peace - Google Drive
Ripper's Playground - dk_olt - Google Drive
Simpsons Map - ef_724 Google Drive
Rurapenthe - rurapenthe Google Drive
Wreckdeck - wreckdeck Filefront
RPG Hühnchenburg - rpg_huenchenburg Google Drive
BERP Hühnchenburg - berp_huenchenburg - Derzeit nicht verfügbar
Scav. Project (Malon/Hirogen/Scav pro) - scav-pro - Filefront
Court Martial Moon - courtroom Google Drive
FS Calenas - hm_fscalenas Google Drive
Crescent (Final Version) crescent Filefront
Alamo - alamo Google Drive
Almost Done:Rage - dade_rage Google Drive
Butchered Creatures - alkdm13 Google Drive
Amanda - geo3_fusion (NEU!) Filefront
Bod_Bay37 - bodbay37 (NEU!) Filefront
Sunset Isle (Map Casablanca) - casablanca Google Drive
Ice Storm - sokar3dm5 Google Drive
Last Train - last_train (NEU!)Filefront
Stargate Pyramid - sgpyramid Google Drive
Stargate for real - sg4real2v2 Google Drive
Fair Haven - fairhaven Google Drive
Post - post Filefront
Map for Rota - emc2dm1 Filefront
London Underground - underground Google Drive
Underground Intel Post - underground_intel_post - Google Drive
Red Planet Dead Zone - red_planet_dead_zone Google Drive
Stargate Egypt - sgegypt
Resident Evil - ctf_residentevil Google Drive
Stargate Level 28(final) - level28final Google Drive
Monroe Mansion - ctf_mansion
East Berlin Roofs- zih_roofs Google Drive
deralict 2 - ctf_deralict2 Google Drive
Crashsite - rpg_crashsite Google Drive
Cestus 3 - arena_1 Google Drive
Bajor - ctf_bajor
Necropolis - ctf_necropolis Google Drive
Stukton - stukton_v2 Filefront
ctf_wormhole - ctf_wormhole Filefront
Klingon Compound - rpg_warlord Filefront
STRP HQ2 - strp_hq_v2
rpg Academy v1 - rpg_academyv1 Google Drive


Type 6 - rpg_type6 Google Drive
Type 8 - rpg_type8 Google Drive
Type 9 v2 - rpg_type9_v2 Google Drive
Type 12 V2 - rpg_type12 Google Drive
Aero Wing Shuttle - aero_wing Google Drive
New Hope Victory - stnh_victory Google Drive
Troop Transport - trooptransport Google Drive
Delta Flyer V2 - deltaflyer2v Google Drive
Minari - minari Google Drive
Karad (Alien Shuttle) - rpg_karad Google Drive
dagger v1 - v1_dagger Google Drive


Assimilated Poseidon- borg-pos-b Google Drive
damaged Poseidon - damaged_poseidon Filefront
U.S.S. Magnificient - rpg_magnificient Google Drive
U.S.S. Nimitz Beta 1.1 - uss_nimitz_beta_1_1 Google Drive
U.S.S. Dauntless (1.1) - uss_dauntless_1-1 Google Drive
Orion - rpg_orion Download Database
Enterprise III - enterprise3 Google Drive
Taren-A v2 - taren-a2 -Google Drive
TOS Incident - tos_incident Filefront
USS Maine - uss_maine_v2 - Google Drive
Enterprise-D Hull - dm_1701-d Google Drive
I.S.S. Excalibur - dh_rpg_impship Nexus Mods
U.S.S. Excalbur- rpg_tosship Google Drive
U.S.S. Aurora - rpg_aurora Google DriveGoogle Drive
erp_defiant - erp_defiant Google Drive
Daedalus - rpg_daedalus Google Drive
Senmerv (Zeitschiff) - ncv_senmerv iWant
Eternal - rpg_eternal Google Drive
U.S.S. Atlantis - rpg_atlantis The Last Outpost
USS Poseidon-A V2 - v2-poseidon-a
U.S.S. Ariana Beta 3 - uss_ariana Google Drive
rpg_dy100a (v2)- rpg_dy100a_v2 Google Drive
Akira ctf_akira Google Drive
U.S.S. Prometheus - ussprometheus_rpg Google Drive
U.S.S. Leonov ("The Animal") - animal_release01 -
K'Vort Klasse - rpg_kvort Google Drive
U.S.S. Solaris - rpg_solaris Filefront
U.S.S. Salem - uss_salem Google Drive
U.S.S. Salem- A(v2) - uss_salem_a_v2 Google Drive
U.S.S. Cassini Beta 3 - cassini_beta3 Google Drive
U.S.S. Washington-C (V 1.5) - usswashingtonc
Wrecked ship (Scavenger crushed) - scavenger_crushed Google Drive
STRP Defiant - strp_defiant iWant
STRP Dallas - strp_dallas
Dallas v2 (redone) - dallas-v2 Ducane's Webspace
USS Poseidon-B V2 - rpg_poseidon_b
USS Serenity V1 - uss_serenity_b - Google Drive
USS Serenity V2 - uss_serenity_b_v2 - Google Drive
U.S.S. Voyager (Beta 4) - rpg_voy4- The Last Outpost
USS Yager-E Final - yager-e_final Google Drive
Borginvasion - borginvasion Google Drive
U.S.S. Relativity - rpg_relativity The Last Outpost
U.S.S. Enterprise-E - enterprise-e iwantStudios
U.S.S. Enterprise-E V2 - enterprise-e-v2 -iWantStudios
U.S.S. Enterprise-E Express Version - enterprise-e-express iWant
U.S.S. Rapier - rapier2 Kane's Mappingsite
U.S.S. Hercules (Constellation Klasse) - rpg_hercules The Last Outpost
Normandy - rpg_normandy The Last Outpost


STCOM - stcom [Google Drive
Station Vanderbilt (3.1.4) - station_vanderbilt_v3 - RPO Teamspeak Server
Starbase 47 - starbase315 Download Database
Starbase 47 Verbesserungen /// (nur Update) Google Drive
Federation Drydock - space_dock Google Drive
Science Station - sciencestation Google Drive
New Hope: Station Modas - nh_stmodas Google Drive
Station Iowa (RC3) - station_iowa GDev
New Hope Station Modas (2.0) - stnh_stmodas Google Drive
Station Modas v2 (Construction Part 3) - rpg_modas - Google Drive
New Hope: Station Archer - stnh_starcher Google Drive
oldbase - oldbase Google Drive
STRP Base - strp_base iWant
Asteroid Base R2 - ab_release02 Fileplanet
Battlestar Bellerophon - bellerophon The Beer Garden


Battlestar Bellerophon Texture Pack/// (nur Texturen)
Solaris Hotfix// (nur Texturen) The Beer Garden


U.S.S. Minnesota (für Serenity B) uss_minnesota Filefront
U.S.S. Sentinel-B (für Ent. express) uss_sentinel Star Trek Voyager RP
U.S.S. Incursion (für erp_defiant) uss_incursion
U.S.S. Paradox (für Relativity) rpg_relativity
Frontlines (für strp_defiant) - strp_defiant - Filefront
U.S.S. Banting (für salem-a-v2) Google Drive
Atmospheric Atlantis (für rpg_atlantis)
Paradox (für relativity) -
ISS Panzer (für Atlantis) - NexusMods

"If you're telling me that this ship can skip across the universe on a highway made of mushrooms, I kind of have to go on faith... Be bold. Be brave. Be courageous. Black alert." - Christopher Pike.

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